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Irish Association Of Steel Fabricators


We are here to promote the steel industry in Ireland by providing guidance & assistance with all aspects of the industry!

The Irish Association Of Steel Fabricators (IASF) is a Members Organisation who work from The Certification Hub in Portlaoise. We are here to promote the steel industry in Ireland by providing guidance and assistance with all aspects of the industry. We promote Quality and Safety standards within the organisation and to become a Members you must be certified or are in the process of implementing standards like EN-1090, ISO 9001. ISO 45001, ISO14001 and ISO 3834. Why, you may ask? We want Engineers, Project Managers and End Users to be comfortable in using one of our Members, knowing that they are compliant with quality, safety and are insured to execute the project.



Video from the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation detailing info regarding available restart supports for small businesses


The UK left the EU on the 31st of January 2020 after which the UK will be in a transition period until the 31st of December 2020. At the end of the transition period and where EU legislation requires accreditation to be awarded, Irish companies should change over to our national accreditation body INAB as UKAS accreditation will no-longer be recognised.



This video has been issued by the EU Commission and showcases the CE mark for construction products


Video courtesy of BSI

Our Members are Audited on a regular basis for both Quality and Maintenance of their Factory Production Control System.

Together with that, all of our Members are accredited to either ISO or EN 1090 CE Marking for Structural Steel and are fully Insured.

Have you a potential Steel project that requires pricing or help with design? We can advise on the right Fabricator for the job.



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Pat Enright
Government approves details of Restart Grant for small businesses.

19:27 p.m.



Pat Enright

If anyone would like COVID Posters / information in a foreign language, please let me know and we will send out to you.

10:45 a.m.



Pat Enright

Construction Contracts & COVID-19

Contracts and COVID-19
If you as a Sub Contractor or supplier and are in a contract with a Main Contractor then you may be eligible to claim additional time and/or money as
most standard form contracts used in Ireland contain rigorous procedures for addressing what happens in a change of law scenario, thereby potentially activating the right of the contractor to claim for additional time and/or money under the contract.

If you are using the RIAI (Blue Form and Yellow Form)
Under Clause 4, where the cost of the performance of the Contract is increased (or decreased) as a result of legislative enactment, the Architect shall certify such an increase or decrease.

JCT (DB 2016)
Clause 2.6.12 provides that the exercise of a statutory power by Government or a local authority which “directly affects the execution of the Works” will qualify as a Relevant Event, allowing an extension of time, subject to the Contractor taking appropriate steps to mitigate the delays.

Clause 2.15.2 may also provide an avenue for Contractors in that it states that changes to Contractor’s Proposals following the Base Date to comply with the requirements of relevant authorities will amount to a Change and a Relevant Matter thereby potentially activating the right to claim for loss and expense under Clause 4.20.

A “Compensation Event” can be triggered under Clause 60.1 which can potentially operate to provide the Contractor with an increase in Prices. While changes in law are not expressly listed as a “Compensation Event”, where the event is not listed as one of the events in the contract, this can potentially be construed as such.

Changes in law are included as Optional Clauses under the PWC Form of Contract and their implementation will depend on the Schedule. Option Clause PV1.1.4 provides that the Contract Sum shall be adjusted as a result of increases in the costs of the Contractor performing its obligations as a result of changes in law made after the Designated Date.

The Main Contractor can and will claim, so why not you.


09:58 a.m.



Pat Enright
Hi All,
I know this was asked some time back.
Looking for names of component fitters that can service Press Brake & Guillotines.
Thanks in advance.

15:04 p.m.



Pat Enright

Hi All, For all Memberships Fees paid to The Irish Association of Steel Fabricators from January 1st this year and because of COVID-19 these Memberships will be extended for a further 6 months. Thanks for your support. Stay Safe.

10:02 a.m.



Pat Enright
The rumour has it that where construction sites that are “ Open Air” will be allowed back on Tuesday. This is only a proposal at the moment and could change.

It is so important to have policies and procedures in place for your staff and prevent not only the contamination but any legal claims that may arise if an employee gets COVID-19 up or even worse.

Have your Health & Safety Statement, Method Statements and Risk Assessments revised.
Put a COVID-19 Action plan in place, keep a diary of activities of who did what, where and when.

Seek advice from your insurer.
Legal actions will arise from this, it has started. Be Prepared.

Further info on lockdown as it comes in.

Keep Safe,

13:15 p.m.



Pat Enright
This document may be of help to you:

12:41 p.m.


Pat Enright
If your Safe Pass expired after March 1st. It continues to be valid.

10:54 a.m.


Pat Enright
Over the past 3 years we have been lobbying the relevant authorities over compliance on farms, especially where buildings are been constructed without CE Marking.

The Department of Agriculture currently only ask that grant sheds are CE Marked.
This will change shortly and all farm buildings will need to be registered with the Department. Farmers, before starting any works will be asked to provide evidence that the contractor / supplier is competent and qualified to carry out such work.

Guidelines are currently been put in place between Department of Agri, Teagasc and the HSA.

It’s long overdue and we thank The Health & Safety Authority (HSA) for their help and assistance.

This will regularly, form compliance and especially improve Farm Safety.

10:18 a.m.



Pat Enright
The CIF will insist that all operatives working on a site must complete the CIF C-19 induction programme. It is designed to protect you, your family and your community whilst allowing you to work safely. Its purpose is to ensure that everyone working on a construction project understand how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. When you complete the induction, you will receive a digital card, on your phone, confirming that you have successfully completed the programme. You will need this to access a site so have this ready.Unfortunately this is only available for essential works at the moment and should be made available to all next week. If your work is essential you can email jegan@cif.ieto access.You will watch a 10 minute video on-line and then answer 2 questions before you are issued with the card. Here is the link;

11:52 a.m.


Pat Enright
Social Housing construction work to resume.

Contractors were notified yesterday, that construction of 35 social housing projects in Carlow, Cork City, Cork County, Dublin City Council, Fingal, South Dublin County Council, Kildare, Kilkenny, Louth, Meath, Tipperary, Waterford, Westmeath and Wicklow are classed as essential and work can resume.

09:16 a.m.



Pat Enright
RS Machinery are marketing  a new product range that will help you with the sanitising of workshop machinery and protecting your workforce.This brand new GoldCut line can sanitise all your workshop machinery, plant, equipment, stores area, lunch/break area’s, office area’s and anywhere that requires sanitised in minutes.

Unlike other products in the market, this is actually the only sanitiser for industrial use that puts a mist across, that needs no wiping and will evaporate after a short time.
Glenn Ross
Business Development / Division Manager
+44 1224 709000

13:39 p.m.


Pat Enright

12:58 p.m.


Pat Enright
If construction sites are to open in early May, the CIF have issued this publication on site requirements for coping with the threat of COVID.
This should also apply to your workshop.

There are costs involved in this, especially on delivery & programme.
Your Health & Safety Plan, Method Statements and Risk Assessments will require revising and all Employees made aware of such by signing.
Signage, PPE and Sanitiser will be required.

It would be no harm to contact your Insurer, check the policy you have and see if the Insurance company have any other special requirements on returning.

If you are working on sites, you need to contact the employer / main contractor and ask of the site COVIT-19 H & S requirements and how they effect you and how your employees are protected whilst on site.

Returning will be very restrictive and costly but these measures will be there to save lives.

12:12 p.m.



Pat Enright
I attach S.I. No. 121 of 2020 for anyone that is making a claim for additional time on site, prelims etc. Restrictions on this S.I. will be revised, some lifted or relaxed over time.

11:03 a.m.



Pat Enright
If you are engaged on a Public Works Contracts you are to receive an ex gratia payment for Preliminaries incurred during site closures (from 12 April to 04 May).
The ex gratia payment is calculated in accordance with a formula and associated guidance published by the Office of Government Procurement.
(See attached)

09:53 a.m.



Pat Enright
Just an up-date.
Stockholders are running low on certain members and some mills across Europe have closed while others that are open could close ant any time.

If ordering steel or sheeting, you need to consider asking for money up-front to furnish this as many of your Clients will use this Coronavirus as an excuse not to pay or delay paying you.
Use the reason that your supplier has stopped giving credit.

At this stage it would probably be better if the Government issued a stop on all Manufacturing & Construction, it would give everyone a level playing field, shut the door for a few weeks, the work will still be there on return.
Its like Brexit and its the Uncertainty that is holding things up and stopping progress.

So if a job comes in, ask yourself, can I get the material, can I get the bodies to do it, can I finish it on time and most important of all, will I get paid?

If you need anything or if we can help, we are on the phone.
Pat Enright

15:07 p.m.


Pat Enright
Government ministers have said construction sites can stay open as long as health guidelines are followed to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Strict new restrictions came into force this morning, with more non-essential workplaces being asked to close for now.

However, a number of groups have raised concerns over building sites being allowed to remain open under the new guidelines.

The Unite union has called for the closure of all construction sites.

Labour’s employment spokesperson Ged Nash said building sites involve teams “working in very close quarters for intense periods of time… and there are serious risks involved with that”.

RISE TD Paul Murphy, meanwhile, suggested that the refusal to close all construction sites, factories and call centres means the official advice is “inconsistent”.

Speaking on Newstalk Breakfast this morning, Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan said the important thing is that all guidelines regarding physical distancing are followed.

He explained: “There are big sites, and there are small sites… there are sites with large numbers of people, and sites with less numbers of people.

He suggested: “What we’re seeing is employers and unions and employees working together, because we’re all in this together.

“We can trust each other, we can help each other… provided we work within the guidelines.”

Minister Flanagan noted that it’s health officials who give the health advice, and then the government introduces the necessary guidelines or regulations in response to that.

13:06 p.m.



Pat Enright
UPDATE: The emergency welfare payment for those who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus will increase to €350 a week. The State will also pay 70% of employee wages up to €410 per week for businesses who are willing to meet the remainder of their staff’s weekly payment.

More to follow..

14:31 p.m.



Pat Enright
Due to concerns of the ongoing Coronavirus, the below mentioned courses / training will be canceled for the month of March.
Hopefully we can reschedule for April/May.
We do apologise for this but it is at the request of Members.

Wed 18th March – 3834 Quality Welding Standards awareness & information day.

Fri 20th March – EN1090 EXC 3&4 Awareness.

W/C 9th March – Intumescent Paint Applications.

W/C 23rd March – Tekla for beginners.

W/C 30th March – Tekla Advanced.

11:48 a.m.



Anthony Hennessy
Thanks a million Pat much appreciated great working with ye your team made it as easy as possible 👌

17:54 p.m.


Pat Enright
Today we were notified that, after a 3 day intensive audit Stargas are now fully certified to the highest standards for the supply of welding and other gases. Their gas is fully compliant for structural steel.

Congratulations to Anthony and his team at Stargas.

17:21 p.m.



Pat Enright
Couple of months work in Limerick fitting secondary steel. All works are internal. Crew of 4 would be ideal.
Priced or day rate.
Please let me know if you have available team.

16:09 p.m.


Looking for fitters in Cork to fit 360Tonne of Structural steel. Phased job in 3 lots of roof steel. Main phase starting early April.

15:05 p.m.


David Fitzsimons
Hi lads.
Looking for recommendations for safety netting and edge protection?
Job in Co. Meath.

10:28 a.m.



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