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Irish Association Of Steel Fabricators


We at the Association want to help some people out. Some that are less fortunate than most of us. We are offering free training for individuals who have it hard, either financially or life issues in general. Someone that wants to get on at work and can’t afford it or need a slight push in the right direction. Many of us have issues and the ability but need a door to open.


  • A free week long Tekla training course for two people and once completed, a position to develop within a company.
  • Two people will avail of a free Intumescent Application training course.
  • Two people will complete a RWC training course with the back-up before and after to assist in gaining competence. A good understanding of steel fabrication will be required for this one.
  • Two people will be trained, assessed and will complete 6 welds qualifications in mild & stainless.

To be entitled and avail of this opportunity, you will have experience in metal Fabrication, we ask you in the STRICTEST of confidence to apply by emailing us your story, why you should be picked and how it will benefit you. You can also nominate someone by completing the same criteria. All training/courses will run in the first 6 months of 2021.

Please Email your story to:

Keep the bright side out


The Irish Association Of Steel Fabricators (IASF) is a Members Organisation who work from The Certification Hub in Portlaoise. We are here to promote the steel industry in Ireland by providing guidance and assistance with all aspects of the industry. We promote Quality and Safety standards within the organisation and to become a Members you must be certified or are in the process of implementing standards like EN-1090, ISO 9001. ISO 45001, ISO14001 and ISO 3834.




Offering an expert steel detailing service:


Video from the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation detailing info regarding available restart supports for small businesses


Video from the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation detailing info regarding available restart supports for small businesses

Offering an expert steel detailing service:



This video has been issued by the EU Commission and showcases the CE mark for construction products


Video courtesy of BSI

Our Members are Audited on a regular basis for both Quality and Maintenance of their Factory Production Control System.

Together with that, all of our Members are accredited to either ISO or EN 1090 CE Marking for Structural Steel and are fully Insured.

Have you a potential Steel project that requires pricing or help with design? We can advise on the right Fabricator for the job.



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Pat Enright

They have finally agreed with a text at Department of Agriculture and this is how it stands.

Just in from Minister Charlie McConalogue office:

“In certain circumstances construction or essential repairs of calf sheds/milking parlours may be permissible where this is necessary for animal welfare reasons.
This would depend on the individual circumstances of the project and would only apply to existing works scheduled for completion by the end of the month.
Where alternative arrangements to manage animal welfare are available, the works should not proceed.”

Review at end of month.

16:12 p.m.


Pat Enright

Just to put Farm Builders in the picture.

When Level 5 restrictions were put in place on 6th of January a document was issued by stating the necessary requirements for manufacturing / farms and farm buildings/machinery as essential.
On this document we understood and confirmed that Farm building were essential.

This document was replaced on 7th January and Farming/Manufacturing was removed.

We have emailed The Taoiseach and TD’s requesting clarification.

09:58 a.m.




Pat Enright

Contracts and COVID-19
If you as a Sub Contractor or supplier and are in a contract with a Main Contractor then you may be eligible to claim additional time and/or money as
most standard form contracts used in Ireland contain rigorous procedures for addressing what happens in a change of law scenario, thereby potentially activating the right of the contractor to claim for additional time and/or money under the contract.

If you are using the RIAI (Blue Form and Yellow Form)
Under Clause 4, where the cost of the performance of the Contract is increased (or decreased) as a result of legislative enactment, the Architect shall certify such an increase or decrease.

JCT (DB 2016)
Clause 2.6.12 provides that the exercise of a statutory power by Government or a local authority which “directly affects the execution of the Works” will qualify as a Relevant Event, allowing an extension of time, subject to the Contractor taking appropriate steps to mitigate the delays.

Clause 2.15.2 may also provide an avenue for Contractors in that it states that changes to Contractor’s Proposals following the Base Date to comply with the requirements of relevant authorities will amount to a Change and a Relevant Matter thereby potentially activating the right to claim for loss and expense under Clause 4.20.

A “Compensation Event” can be triggered under Clause 60.1 which can potentially operate to provide the Contractor with an increase in Prices.  While changes in law are not expressly listed as a “Compensation Event”, where the event is not listed as one of the events in the contract, this can potentially be construed as such.

Changes in law are included as Optional Clauses under the PWC Form of Contract and their implementation will depend on the Schedule.  Option Clause PV1.1.4 provides that the Contract Sum shall be adjusted as a result of increases in the costs of the Contractor performing its obligations as a result of changes in law made after the Designated Date.

The Main Contractor can and will claim, so why not you.

14:18 p.m.



Pat Enright

Hi All,
If you are pricing work for the New Year check rates and availability with your Stockholder.
The cost of steel is on its way up.
Certain stock may not be ready available.
At the moment Galv plate is scarce.
Brexit and uncertainty will create delays / problems.

09:20 a.m.



Pat Enright

Intumescent Coating Application Course.

We are running two courses before Christmas for Intumescent Paint Applications.
This will be 50/50 funded by Skillnet.
20 hours between our training facility and your workshop.
This training is intermediate level.

For full details on training, email or phone Pat Enright on 087-942 6081.

Promoted by Ibec and Skillnet

21:38 p.m.



Pat Enright

Hi All,
If you are EN 1090 to EXC 3 or 4, going forward you will be required to have in place a contract with External RWC. This can be carried out by a Welding Engineer who is suitably qualified and you will retain a copy of his/her insurance and qualifications.
Some examination companies will also do this and EIS have a contract that they will send to you.

All 3 or 4 jobs should be assessed before fabrication by your external RWC to determine requirements and that RWC will also assist in signing off.

Any questions, just shout.

21:10 p.m.



Pat Enright

Follow on from September 22nd post:
NSSS 7 was printed last week. It states that all companies with EXC2 will require separate audit for ISO EN 3834-3 and for EXC 3&4 audited to 3834-2 and that this will have to be done by Jan 1st 2021. 3834 is a Quality Welding Management System, (don’t shout at me, we don’t make the rules, only advise on them)

Notified Bodies that audit you for 1090 will not be requiring this, it will become a requirement but it’s down the line.

Saying that, some state bodies in Ireland are asking for it before tendering and only last week a large Consultancy Engineering practice asked that the fabricator has it.

If you are exporting to NI or Mainland UK you will need it. The UK are adopting 3834.

If you are exporting to the UK from 1st January on, you will require UKCA, this is their replacement for CE.
If you require UKCA, please contact us as we have agreed terms with UK Notified Bodies and one combined audit for CE and UKCA will be undertaken.

Hang in there,

15:43 p.m.



Pat Enright

NSSS (7th Edition)
The BSCA has recently published the 7th edition of the NSSS. This latest edition has been extensively updated and represents the biggest change since its introduction in 1989. One of the main changes is the inclusion of a new section on intumescent paint systems.

Following the tragic Grenfell Tower fire and the call from Dame Judith Hackitt for industry not to wait for legislation, the BCSA said it and the wider constructional steelwork community decided to take ownership of the specification, application and inspection of intumescent paint systems.

Section 10 of the NSSS now includes comprehensive information on intumescent paint systems and to improve quality, it encourages the paint systems to be applied in the workshop rather than on-site. Other significant changes include a mandatory requirement for all steelwork contractors to put in place a third-party certified welding quality management system to BS EN ISO 3834[11].

The main body of the NSSS is limited to Execution Class 2, but this version also contains an Annex of the requirements for Execution Class 3 for static structures and an Annex giving general guidance on Execution Class 3 for buildings subject to fatigue, such as crane supporting structures.

To allow steelwork contractors time to put in place the necessary third-party systems to comply with the Specification it has been decided that the NSSS will not come in to force until 1st January 2021.

13:12 p.m.


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