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Irish Steel – Promoting The Steel Industry In Ireland By Providing Guidance & Assistance With All Aspects Of The Industry

Certification of Members

The Irish Association Of Steel Fabricators (IASF) is a Members Organisation who work from The Certification Hub in Portlaoise.

We are here to promote the steel industry in Ireland by providing guidance and assistance with all aspects of the industry.

We promote Quality and Safety standards within the organisation and to become a Members you must be certified or are in the process of implementing standards like EN-1090, ISO 9001. ISO 45001, ISO14001 and ISO 3834. Why, you may ask?

We want Engineers, Project Managers and End Users to be comfortable in using one of our Members, knowing that they are compliant with Quality, Safety and are insured to execute the project.

We have near 1400 members who, as of 5 years ago had no official standards in place, the work was extremely good but it was not certified by a third party.

Today, it’s a different ball game.

By implementing EN1090 Fabricators have now a full traceability system in place, operatives are qualified, machinery is tested and certified and all consumables are CE Marked.

9001 is a management system and when it is implemented properly, it’s the way forward, organisation, accountability and cost savings due to efficiency makes life so much easier.

ISO 3834 is the new buzzword going forward, it’s a quality management system for welding and our in-house guys here love it, it really gives a sense of pride to those companies that have implemented it.

ISO 45001 the Health & Safety Standard is what we believe the process that keeps Directors out of jail if there is a serious incident. I know it’s a crude way of stating it but, H&S and the protection of your Staff and the Public should be number one. 45001 is a standard that evaluates your company and puts in place control measures which eliminates risk, it’s the standard that allows you to sleep at night.

We encourage the implementation of standards here and recommend consultancy companies to assist you with your proposed accreditation.

We will also guide you through testing requirements and anything that helps you advance within the industry.

We feel proud having truly, genuine companies that have achieved proper certification associated with us and because of our principals hopefully you feel the same.

As well as the other benefits by becoming a Member, our main objective is to help you increase your tonnage whilst achieving a better quality weld in a safe and legal way.

Pat Enright

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