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EN ISO 3834

Compliance: EN ISO 3834

ISO 3834 deals with quality requirements in welding and has been prepared in order to identify the necessary controls and procedures. ISO 3834 is not a quality system standard intended to take the place of ISO 9001, but a useful, additional tool for use when ISO 9001 is applied by manufacturers.

It provides a method to demonstrate the capability of a manufacturer or fabricator to meet quality requirements of a specification, a product standard, or a regulatory requirement and global recognition and assurance of welding competence.


ISO 3834 contains three levels of requirements:

1. ISO 3834-2 Comprehensive Quality Requirements
2. ISO 3834-3 Standard Quality Requirements
3. ISO 3834-4 Elementary Quality Requirements


  • Provides an authoritative, third-party confirmation of welding capability and staff competence.
  • Improved client confidence leading to a reduction in external audits.
  • Quality management and welding capability assessments carried out by certified quality auditors who are also certified in weld inspection.
  • Increased national and international business potential; facilitates conformity to international standards referencing ISO 3834.
  • Benefits for clients of certified fabricators.
  • Expertly-led, independent assessment of suppliers.
  • In-depth, authoritative evaluation of fabricator capability.
  • Consistent assessment and uniform presentation of information and data.

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