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Machinery Certification

Test & Validation of Machinery

CE Marking & Product Certification of Agricultural & Construction Machinery

CE marking can be a barrier in the development process from idea to a final product ready for the market. Whether it is a CE marking or a Product Certification, we will help you through the process and offer the assistance you need by using our partners .
From the first meeting, we will advise on the correct certifying process including risk assessment, preparation of technical dossier, identification and review of relevant standards and regulations as well as testing if required.

Through our Partners in consulting and testing, we will put you on the right road.
The best process and result is achieved when we are involved early in the design process since the risk assessments should be considered from first phase of a development project.

OurPartners are experts in many different industries and fields which makes us capable of offering the assistance you need to enter the European market and trade legally.

Usual Requirements:

• Risk Assessment
• Test of Durability / Compliance
• Identification of relevant Standards and Regulations
• Technical Assessment
• CE marking or Product Certificate

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